FSB Aircraft Maintenance GmbH is a maintenance company for aircrafts with an MTOW up to 5,7 tonnes (LBA Approval Number: DE.145.0018).

In 1991, the company was founded in Kyritz (Flugplatz). In 2010, an expansion to Schönhagen Airfield followed with the establishment of an outpost. This branch office became the new headquarters of FSB Aircraft Maintenance GmbH when the original office in Kyritz was sold to ARDEX-Flugschule in 2014.

Since 2016 the company is owned by Mr. Celal Gökcen, who also owns the Schönhagen-based AQUILA Aviation International GmbH. Both companies cooperate closely ever since. Currently, FSB Aircraft Maintenance GmbH has six employees.

In the near future, an international expansion of the company is pursued. In Turkey, a foreign branch is currently under construction, which is expected to commence operations soon.